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Hi, my name is Kelly Wood. My family moved to our current town just over a year ago and has finally joined an excellent church. My husband Rick and I didn't want to rush into going to just any church. We have two young children who we hope will grow up in a well rounded atmosphere. We wanted to make sure there were programs that would offer them spiritual guidance and growth. Rick and I enjoy being active in church activities and on committees, so it was important that all the pieces fit together so that the entire family would be able to give and receive God’s blessings within our community. We visited many churches over the past year before making a decision. I would like to share some of our experiences with you.


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Creative Uses For Old Books

Do you have some old books laying around that you always thought you should do something with, but never got around to it? Or maybe you found this beautifully bound book at a used bookstore and will never read it, but loved it anyway? Regardless of the reason, we have all found these wonderful treasures around our house, and can't bear to get rid of them. So instead of letting them clutter up your life, why not re-purpose them into something new and exciting?

Open-faced lacquering

Open-faced lacquering is the art of opening a book, lacquering it so that the book stays open to the page you have selected, and making a conversation piece out of it. This relatively simple process can allow you to make a beautiful display of memories. To do this, simply find the book that you want to use to memorialize your moment, and then use a glue or lacquer such as Mod-podge to stick all of the pages together. You can also add pictures to the open face while you let it dry. This creates a stunningly different way to show off pictures, or just to decorate the book-lovers home.

Secret hidden pockets

This is a creative little technique that allows you to hide small things within large books. Simply select the large book that you want to hide something in, measure the size of the object you want to hide, and cut the book pages all in the same spot to create a space. When the book is closed it will look like any other book. But when you open it you will be able to access the hidden object. Small pill bottles in this case work well, as do match boxes, or other containers of that nature.

Create a bookcase table

Sometimes the simplest things are the most stunning. If you have books that have nice spines, or are thick and you just cant bear to get rid of them, consider gathering a bunch together and just gluing them together in a stack to form a table. Find some Crazy Glue or something similar and simply stack them together. Once the glue dries you will have a unique table that will have people asking questions and become quite the conversation piece.

there you have it, three simple ideas for book creativity. So if you can't let go of some of your old favorites, or you couldn't resist picking up the glorious old book from that used bookstore, never fear; there are always ways to enjoy them in other ways!